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Update on Bayesian Survival Analysis

 As it happens, in the same week that I asked for recommendations, Prof. McElreath pointed out in a tweet that his Statistical Rethinking Winter 2019 series has a section on Survival Analysis on Lecture 13. I stopped watching the lectures as soon I as I got my hands on the 2ed of the book, when I had just finished... Lecture 12 :( Link to the moment in the lecture where he covers the subject: Lecture 13 - Survival I also got two related leads in the same tweet thread: -  Tobit models - Censored Data on Stan User's Guide I'll make sure to check it all when I finish the book!

Recommendations for Bayesian Survival Analysis?

I'm currently finishing the magnificent Statistical Rethinking, 2ed by Richard McElreath, and I really wish there was a bayesian survival analysis themed book with the same intuitionist and practical approach for beginners. I know there's a book called Bayesian Survival Analysis by Ibrahim, Chen and Sinha, but from a quick glance in Google books, it doesn't seem as approachable as I'd like

Test Post

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