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Short term learning plan, 2021-01-01 edition

I didn't finish Statistical Rethinking 2ed yet, but that didn't dissuade me from planning the few books I'll be reading next. I'm trying to mix fundamentals, application and some business/management. Of course, many books will belong to more than one category, but my idea for classification is something like "I need this to understand other things", "things that I can use to build things" and "how to execute on the things I'm building". In random order: - Statistical Rethinking 2ed by Richard McElreath (WIP) [Application] - Measure What Matters by John Doerr (WIP) [Business] - This is Marketing by Seth Godin [Business] - Causal Inference, a Primer by Judea Pearl [Application] - Introduction to Linear Algebra 5ed by Gilbert Strang [Fundamentals] - Calculus, by Michael Spivak [Fundamentals] - Seven Sketches in Compositionality [Fundamentals] I expect to finish them all, ankifying throughout, this year. I just won't call it a New Year