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Some nuggets of wisdom from Charlie Munger

Stripe Press recently released a new edition of Poor Charlie's Almanack, exactly a week after Munger sadly passed away. I had preordered the book and picked it up a few weeks after release. There are many good quips and general good advice in there and I will share the most interesting tidbits to me. First, the "mental model checklist". Charlie Munger is famous for his "mental models" framework and many outlets - books, websites, content writers - push mental models either because they believe in the framework or, more cynically, because people buy it trying to be more like Munger (that is, rich). I don't have a lot to add here, other than that when I read about this "mental models" frameworks, it never came to me the idea of a literal checklist. But that's how Munger explains his framework: a literal checklist. You go one by one, see which ones apply and - crucially important, according to him - when many apply (as in most real life cases) on