Business News Around the World - Asia Pt 1


My media consumption is too provincial, mostly focused on national publications and major US outlets. I feel like there's a lot of stuff happening outside my view, so I started listing English language news publications around the world to use as references for significant events in the future and maybe following different perspectives on trends.

I started with East and Southern Asia due to a mix of the region's share of global economic activity and population and focused on business-oriented publications because I was interested in understanding how different regions(' economic elites) read global developments.

I don't know if these papers lead their respective geography, or how meaningful they are, but I tried to get major names from a not too deep Wikipedia reading.

Greater China


Hong Kong

Interestingly enough, I didn't find on Wikipedia an obvious English-language business oriented publication. I'm sure there is one, or many, but the best reference I got was for the Hong Kong Economic Times, which is unfortunately written in Traditional Chinese.


Also unfortunately nothing. There's the Business Section of the Taipei Times, but doesn't exactly fit the bill



Nikkei Asia - I think they also own the Financial Times, and as the name implies they supposedly cover all of Asia


South Korea

Pulse by Korea Economic Daily - The KED is published in Korean, but there's this tie-in called Pulse which is digital and in English. Good enough.

About other major economies

I feel bad for leaving out Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, everything from Bangladesh to Vietnam and Pakistan, but I'll have to leave it to a future post


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